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MeasureDI - Truck Volume Measurement in Africa / Truch Volume Measurement

Truck Volume Measurement

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Key features

  • Reduces internal transit time meant for weighing
  • Measure on the move - thanks for DMDA technology
  • Quick Installation within hours
  • Easy relocation with minimum effort
  • Helps improve the load fill factor
  • Instantaneous data transfer to cloud option
  • Intelligent Self-diagnostic system alerts
volume measurement system

MeasureDI Truck Volume Measurement is a highly precise three-dimensional measurement system especially developed for measurements of truck loading volumes. Contact free volumetric load measurement scanner uses latest laser scanning technology.

It effectively scans and measures the loads on the moving open type trucks with high accuracy. Its intelligent algorithm produces real time load volumes and generates a report about the volume of the Load in each truck.

The application has a high versatility and can be used for volume and profile measurements of all different materials - such as ore, boulders, blue metal, sand, waste management or even agro products - which are transported as bulk material on trucks. The application is also available in combination with a RFID Scanner (for tagged trucks), a HD camera for load image with report and an ANPR camera for license plate capturing.

There are numerous custom made report options available like, Hourly reports, Material based reports, Truck wise reports etc. And also detailed individual load ticket with scan image and analysis is available.

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