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Torpendo Ladle Car Weighing

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Key features

  • Reduced Civil work
  • Complete installation can be executed in anextremely short time
  • All Torpedo Car types and rail profiles are suitable.
  • High accuracy &reliability
  • Mechanically rugged design
  • High resistance to the influences of the ambient temperature
  • Particularly suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • Hassle free installation
  • Robust maintenance free system
  • Full onsite commissioning and support
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Improve the profitability and security of Your Blast Furnace by installing a weighing system for Torpedo Ladle Cars

Every day some thousands tons of pig irons are leaving the Blast Furnace in the direction of the Steel plant. The Weighing Track monitors that movement by measuring the Torpedo weight:
  1. Directly at the tapping position of the Blast Furnace.
  2. By weighing half of the entire Torpedo Car.
  3. As a static weighing system during tapping.
Knowing the precise net weight of each Torpedo Car will allow you to:
  1. Optimize the material flow to the steel plant, now that you are able to transmit the net weight of pig iron arriving there, at any early stage
  2. Accurately and consistently fill each Torpedo Car, because the net weight of pig irons arriving from the Blast Furnace can be adjusted.
  3. Control the Growth of tare load before tapping starts, you manage the slag deposition onto the refractory surface, leading to optimized maintenance cycles.
  4. Optimize the maintenance cycles of Blast furnace, by using the information of the weighing system, for example by supervising the tapping masses and flow rates over longer periods.
  5. Operate in a safer environment. The reliable, weight. dependant, overfilling control contributes to a safer tapping process

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