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MeasureDI - Portable In Motion Train Weighing in Africa / Portable In Motion Train Weighing

Portable Train Weighing

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Key features

  • No costly civil works required
  • No modifications to existing rail.
  • Portable, quick to install and easy to use.
  • Axle by axle weighing ensures there is no restriction on wagon type.
  • Individual wheel weights in-motion.
  • The load cells are sealed so that reliable operation is possible, even under poor conditions.
portable in motion train weighing

PORTABLE, ‘IN-MOTION’ CUM STATIC TRAIN WEIGHING : MeasureDI produces state-of-the-art Rail weighing equipment to meet international standards.

We were the first company to provide portable train weighing systems in India . Today with over 22 years experience and knowledge we continue to be the industry leaders.

Our portable, rail weighing system that allows the ‘in-motion’ & Static weighing of wheels, axles, wagons and trains It can be carried by two people to a rail vehicle in any location and installed in just 15 minutes This System designed to identify individual axle weight overloads that, if undetected, could lead to excessive wear and stress to wheel profiles, axle boxes, bearings, gear boxes, final drive units and suspension components. The ideal solution to provide check-weighing results for the heavy industrial steel, cement, gypsum and minerals markets

SIMPLE AND EASY WEIGHING INFORMATION : The is easy to use and operates via our in-house developed digital indicator unit.

The weighing data is outputted via a simple and instantaneous printout from our thermal printout or exported via USB. The advantage of exporting via USB is that it provides the ability to carry further more in-depth analysis of the weighing results. The results can be exported to a variety of different files types such as .csv files (more commonly known as Excel).

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