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Online Coil Weighing

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Key features

  • capable to withstand dynamic forces, high lateral forces, shear stress & bending effect
  • Weighing system can be installed in the existing production line
  • Weighed data can be fed to data management software to generate production report and automatic label printing
  • Existing automated movement of the coil carrying trolley can be modified to include inline weighing operation thus reducing human involvement and increasing throughput
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The design will allow you to operate the coil weighing scale with a minimum lifting the coil, this will reduce the time required for the lift weighing coil .

The design being consider keeping in mind that the coils are being running on the rail in which we shall make a weigh zone where you stop coil for either marking or binding. In this portion the coil stays for a while.

this can be used to initiate the weighing once the binning or marking work is over .

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