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Online Billet Weighing

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Key features

  • Typical accuracy of ±0.1% FSD or better
  • Robust construction for reliable operation
  • Full on-site installation, commissioning and
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MEASUREDI billet weighing solutions supports conveyor weighing as well as installations that require the billets to be lifted for weighing. The main concerns in steel production are high temperatures, harsh environment and how to synchronize lifting of the billet in order to perform the weight measurement in a fast, secure, and stable manner. Our extensive experience in the metal industry allows us to understand your specific needs and to be your partner offering full on-site installation, commissioning and technical support. Robust Constructions for Reliable Operation

The MEASUREDI billet weighing solution is a fully integrated system with a documented yield increase that gives the customer an improved return-on-investment (ROI). Our high accuracy billet weighing system supports conveyor weighing applications and installations that require the billets to be lifted for weighing. The Smart and Robust Design of the Customized Load Cells

The MEASUREDI billet weighing system consists of one customized is placed under each foot of the lifting table of the billets.

As the mechanical system lifts the billets, the weight of the complete table is not supported by the load cells, thus the dead weight is minimalized. Robust design, high ingress protection rate and ambient temperature compensation of up to 200°C, make these load cells suitable for all billet factories. We also supply robust junction boxes and transmitters supporting many communication protocols, allowing us to offer you complete and reliable systems for this demanding industry to protocols only for simplicity

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