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Ladle Turrent Weighing

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Key features

  • Simple installation – No double frame needed
  • Suitable for very harsh environments.
  • Maintenance free – No additional bumpers or lift off protection.
  • Compact design reduces shunt force influences from dust and slag
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Ladle turret scales are used for example in continuous casting facilities where the liquid steel is cast into continuous strands. The weighing equipment is used in the ladle turret, tundish and outgoing roller table to determine the weight and control the process.

The incredibly robust ladle turret scales are manufactured for the prevailing harsh ambient conditions. They are not affected by shock, interfering forces or huge fluctuations in temperature.

Increase Safety an Efficiency in your production process by installing a Ladle Weighing System

Knowing the precise net weight of each ladle will allow you to:

  • Supervise and control the whole steel making process with certain knowledge of the amounts and locations of Pig Iron and Steel within the process
  • Calculate the most efficient amounts of Scrap and Alloys to be used
  • Reduce spillage during the filling and pouring process
MEASUREDI High temperature load cell 40 – 200 tonare installed between the base structure and the weighbridge, without need for modifications of the ladle supporting geometry

WEIGHING ACCURACY:The solution allows the total weight of the ladle to be measured with an accuracy up to ± 0,1 % of Full Scale.

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