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Ladle SMS Crane Weighing

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Key features

  • The stability of the crane remains untouched. The weighing system is completely bolted into the structureand is therefore maintenance free.
  • The scale can easily be integrated into the existing installations.
  • The weighing mechanics are arranged at a position well protected against dust and heat.
  • connection through RF/GSM modem
  • Hassle free installation
  • High accuracy & reliability
  • Custom designed to suit specific design and application
  • Wireless communication between the load cell / encoder removes the requirement of festooning cable
  • Customized load pin /Load cell
  • Onsite commissioning and support
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If you are working with SMS cranes for trans- port of pig irons and steel, that have no integrated weighing installation, then this is the solution.

The most important functions of a weighing system integrated into the cranespreader beam for steel production are : After tapping from the converter and de- slagging, the weighing installation transmits the precise crude steel net weight to the process control system. This input provides an optimal basis to calculate the amount of alloying materials to be added during the secondary metallurgy process.

The accurate weighing enables the plant to add the minimal amount of alloys possible, by respecting the final composition of the steel.

The scale detects and indicates unequalloading between the left and right sides of the Weighing inside the crane trolley, or weighing inside of the spreader beam / crane hook.

Weighingaccuracy : The total weight of the ladle is measured with an accuracy up to +/- 0.1 % of Full Scale.

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